Home Hardwoods
Quality Custom Woodwork


Here at Home Hardwoods we are committed to providing you with quality wood products.  And because we are able to keep our overhead costs to a minimum, we are able to pass on our savings to you.


We offer a variety of services from, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, to office, bedroom, and dining room furniture, to custom woodwork for those special jobs.  Although we have standard sized products, everything we make here can be customized to fit you needs and budget.


Here at Home Hardwoods we build using only the finest hardwoods grown in heavy soils to ensure tight grain and solid wood throughout.  We use Solid wood in as much of the project as it allows such as doors, drawer fronts, face frames, drawers, shelving and tops.  Where solid wood is not used, we use only top quality veneer core plywoods.


Once we have finished the construction of your project we move it to our finishing.  We offer a large variety of stain colors to choose from.  Then we finish it using our high volume low pressure sprayer to apply 2-3 coats of High Quality Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer.  This ensures that your finish looks as good years from now as it does the day you get it.

We also offer a high quality water based lacquer finish as well.  This ML Campbell product is great for use on all kitchen and bathroom cabinets just as its solvent based counterpart. Ask us for more details.

Just because we have delivered your new purchase, our job doesn't end there.  We offer installation of cabinets and furniture for those that choose it.